Hannity Agrees Trump Should Deny Press Credentials to Certain Media

A suggestion on Twitter that CNN, New York Times, Washington Post and other liberal media who colluded with the DNC in opposing Trump should be banned from receiving White House press credentials has started a Twitter war between Sean Hannity and CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Hannity, who was in full support of Trump throughout his campaign, retweeted the suggestion, and added an amen.

Wikileaks had exposed the fact that DNC interim chair Donna Brazile had leaked debate questions to the Clinton campaign in advance.


The Washington Post hit back, saying, “Hannity must be forgetting what he said in 2009, when the Obama White House refused to recognize Fox News Channel as a legitimate news organization and moved to restrict the network’s access.”

“The fact that they would target to this degree — and by the way, other news organizations, I’m sure any minute now they’re going to realize they may be next,” Hannity said on his prime-time show in October 2009. “I think it really speaks volumes about this White House. I think they’re trying to intimidate the press.”

CNN Host Brian Stelter has been batting back and forth with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Twitter:




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