Sean Hannity, the Fox News host and syndicated talk radio personality is getting into heated squabbles with his media colleagues over his never-yielding support of Donald Trump.

Earlier today we reported about the back and forth spat between Hannity and Fox News host, Megyn Kelly on Wednesday night.  Hannity did not appreciate Kelly calling his show a “safe space” for Trump.  So he tweeted back some harsh words for the rising star.  Hannity claims Kelly is a Clinton supporter.  You can read the story and see the Tweets by clicking here.

Sean Hannity then moved on to discuss his battle with former Cruz supporter, Glenn Beck.

Beck, who used to host a show on Fox News, but is now the founder of The Blaze TV, will not support Donald Trump and therefore Hannity says Beck is supporting Hillary Clinton.  The two have shared harsh words for each other over the past few weeks, and Beck recently reached out to Hannity offering a post-election meeting so the two can make amends.  But Hannity made it very clear today that he wants no part of Beck when the election is over.

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