Harvard to Begin Islamic Law Fellowships


According to the Harvard University Director of Islamic Legal Studies Program, Intisar Rabb, their new Fellowship program comes “just in time” for the start of the Trump administration.

Harvard law school will begin a series of paid fellowships in the 2017-2018 school year which is, according to them, “aimed at influencing public discourse and U.S. policy on Sharia.”

Rabb stated their ultimate goal is “building a community of Islamic law scholars in the academy” as well as “informing policy and media discourse about Islamic law.”

The fellows will receive $5,000 a month and their mission will be to develop policy papers that will include commentary on recent cases or other Islamic law sources.

Harvard has a massive digital library on their college portal called SHARIAsource, with “25 editors from 21 different institutions (6 outside of the U.S.) and 1711 primary sources from 18 different countries. The data includes 902 Sharia court cases, 541 legislative acts and 251 Fatwās.”

Their Sharia Research Fellowship Program will allow their scholars to do research on “policy-related aspects of Islamic law.”

Harvard will provide them with a work space and Harvard Law Library privileges, along with their $ 5,000 a month stipend.

The school is looking for minority applications, especially from “women and citizens of all countries.”

The Program goals are to promote research in migration and refugee studies, environmental law, climate change, minority rights, animal welfare, and human rights.”

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