Harvard To Deny Leadership Roles to Students Who Join Single-Gender Groups

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University announces new rules to apply by fall of 2017.  Isn’t this DISCRIMINATION?

Any student who is a member of an all-male or all-female organization or fraternity will be banned from holding any leadership positions in student organizations and athletic teams at Harvard University, announced the college president, Drew Faust, on Friday.   

In addition, according to the new policy, these students will also be prohibited from receiving the dean’s endorsement for scholarship opportunities.

The announcement was made in an email to undergraduates from President Drew Faust, and was recommended by Danoff Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana.

The groups and fraternities Harvard objects to are independent, and not sponsored by the university – but that doesn’t matter.

“A truly inclusive community requires that students have the opportunity to participate in the life of the campus free from exclusion on arbitrary grounds,” Faust writes. “Although the fraternities, sororities, and final clubs are not formally recognized by the College, they play an unmistakable and growing role in student life, in many cases enacting forms of privilege and exclusion at odds with our deepest values. The College cannot ignore these organizations if it is to advance our shared commitment to broadening opportunity and making Harvard a campus for all of its students. Nor can it endorse selection criteria that reject much of the student body merely because of gender.”

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To make up for the crack-down, Harvard has announced it will increase funding for “alternative campus social opportunities.”

In his recommendation for the new rules, Khurana wrote, “Although they are private organizations, these unrecognized, single-gender social organizations are comprised principally, if not exclusively, of Harvard College students and undermine Harvard’s campus culture.”

Of course, the rules will not prohibit students from joining any single-gender groups or fraternities – but they’re just warning them there will be a high price to pay – both socially and economically.

Editor’s Note:  Will same-gender dorm roommates be banned next?


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