Heartfelt Viral Video of Disabled Girl Receiving THIS Gift Will Make Your Day

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This will make your day. It’s never easy having or seeing children struggle with disabilities, but there are precious moments where loved ones can make their situations better. Courtney Fletcher Bennett gifted her daughter, Emma, a new American Girl doll custom-fitted with a prosthetic right leg — just like Emma.

in the video posted to Facebook Wednesday, Emma’s little sister can be seen carrying a box over to Emma, who immediately began looking into the package. Her mom told her to read the enclosed letter, and then Emma proceeded to opening the package with uncontainable joy.

“You gotta be kidding me!” the blonde-haired girl exclaimed excitedly as she picked up the doll, hugging it tightly. Tears quickly began streaming down Emma’s face. Her mother asked, “Do you love her?” Emma replied: “I love you.”

A Step Ahead Prosthetics is the company that added the prosthesis to the doll, and the company chronicles the fictional journey of the American Girl doll in the accompanying letter. The letter details how the doll “learned to walk and even run with her new leg.”

A Step Ahead Prosthetics, based in Boston and New York, doesn’t charge customers to customize the dolls and asks other parents to send them a request for a doll like Emma’s for their own children who utilize prosthetics.

The video of Emma’s pure jubilation over the gift can be watched below:


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