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If you watched DML’s Walk & Talk broadcast Monday morning, you’ll understand that he’s on a mission to continue making a difference on many issues facing America.

The first three films that Dennis Michael Lynch produced on illegal immigration over the past several years have had lasting impacts, exposing the costs of illegal immigration to America in a way many have never seen before.

Now DML is currently producing his fourth documentary on illegal immigration – They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders.  He says it will be the most important film he’s made on the topic of immigration. It is expected to be complete spring 2018. (Please scroll down to watch a video clip of exclusive footage expected to be in the film.)

If you’d like to help support the production of the new, powerful documentary on the cost of open borders, DML News invites you consider donating today.  Your support helps keep DML News strong and growing, so we can continue to make a difference.

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ABOUT: Dennis Michael Lynch, an acclaimed filmmaker, TV host, and political commentator, understands media, politics, and business.

As an award winning entrepreneur who has employed approximately 1,000 people over the past 25-years, DML has created successful businesses of various kinds, and won the prestigious Long Island Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for E-Business in 2000.

DML understands that the best way to grow a conservative platform is to get the “People” involved, and keep the platform pure and free of special interest groups. Your support helps us grow and remain independent from the censorship! 

In producing They Come to America 4: The Cost of Open Borders, DML is on a mission to make sure the truth is exposed… before American culture is wiped away forever.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every donation of $20 or more receives a FREE “I Am Team DML” bumper sticker, starting today.


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