How to help President Trump on Facebook

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Brent Bozell, the founder of the Media Research Center, spends his days keeping an eye on the liberal mainstream news outlets.   Often seen on Fox News, Bozell has built an enviable reputation for holding the mainstream media accountable and coming up with solutions to combat their biased reporting.

In an interview with Dennis Michael Lynch, Bozell outlined one simple way of helping conservatives get past the false narratives put forward by the mainstream media.  “Conservatives don’t need the mainstream media to get the message out.  The mainstream media needs conservatives more than conservatives need them,” said Bozell.  He emphasized Facebook was the number one way to get conservative messages out to the masses. “There are other vehicles that allow you to get around the mainstream media. Facebook is one of them.”

DML asked, “So, John Q. Public can do their job by simply sharing what they find on their news feeds?”  Bozell said yes, and then provided information about the power of sharing on Facebook by comparing it to the impact of TV commercials.  According to Bozell, a recent study shows that a TV commercial has a believability rate of less than 20%.  But the same commercial shared on Facebook put the believability at nearly 80%.  He then told DML that even though a person may not give much time to the information being shared to them, they still see it, and therefore it makes an impact.

Bottom line, with so much negative news about President Trump flowing through the mainstream media outlets, you can counter that punch by sharing everything you can on Facebook.  Why not do your part and share this post — it’s a great start.

Watch Bozell and DML below:


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