Hidden Among American Neighborhoods: Muslim Recruits for ISIS

Quietly, hidden in American cities, suburbs and neighborhoods, are ISIS terrorist recruits living among unsuspecting relatives, friends, co-workers and fellow students.

Law enforcement officials estimate at least 250 people in America have tried to join ISIS, but have not yet left the country, increasing fears of more attacks in the U.S., according to a special report by NBC News, who add that the Justice Department has revealed they have open investigations in all 50 states.  

In March, a man claiming to be an ISIS defector gave NBC News a thumb drive which contained information on more than 4,000 ISIS fighters who came to Syria in 2013 and 2014 alone.   NBC News zoned in on 15 Muslims on that list who were either American citizens or American residents from all across American that have joined ISIS.

Some were first or second generation Muslim refugees, some were here on visas, three were from Ohio, four from the Minnesota Somali refugee community, one was a Latino Catholic who converted to Islam.

The following brief video tells the riveting story of part of NBC’s investigation, and the shock their friends felt upon learning they had gone to Syria to join ISIS.



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