High School Student Slams Teacher In The Head With A Laptop

On September 17th a video was posted to YouTube titled “TEACHER vs STUDENT – Computer Science Tutor is hit with an old Dell Laptop during class” and has since been circulating around the internet.

Details of where this was filmed are still unclear, however as the title of the video states, a student got into a confrontation with a teacher and the student hit him with a laptop.

The two are seen getting in each other’s faces before the student grabs a laptop and slams it into the teacher’s head.

Throughout the confrontation some students are heard cheering in the background, nobody tries to break up the fight, and an older man in the background of the video walks by like nothing is even happening.

At the end of the video, the student is seen walking to the back of the classroom and it is unclear whether the student or teacher were sanctioned for the fight.


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