High School Student Suspended For Taking Exposing Picture At School


A senior at John Glenn High School was suspended for posting a photo on Facebook and Twitter of discolored water coming out of the sink at her school.

The student, Hazel Juco, said the water concerned her and she ‘just took a picture of it’ and then talked about it with other students in her newspaper class before posting it on to social media hoping that somebody would see the picture and help the school and students, WXYZ reported.

She told WXYZ that she hoped ‘someone will see it and want to help us’ because she said, it’s obvious that her school ‘doesn’t have money’.

Juco was given Out of School Suspension (OSS) by school officials who told her that she inappropriately used electronics in the restroom.


Picture Juco posted on social media of the discolored water coming out of the sink

But Juco said she believed that she was being singled out by the school because ‘no one has gotten in trouble’ for taking ‘selfies in the bathroom’.

After students found out about Juco’s suspension, many students protested her suspension by tweeting photos they had taken in the bathroom.

Wayne-Westand Community Schools Superintendent Dr Michele Harmala, said that after looking into what was happening she found out that the high school’s administrators didn’t report the issue to maintenance.

Harmala said: ‘They sent a plumber out right away.’

‘The punishment is inappropriate. I am going to make sure the out of school suspension is expunged from the student’s record,’ said Dr. Harmala.


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