Hiker Gets Attacked After Interrupting Mating Bears

Fish and Wildlife officials believe a 54-year-old hiker interrupted a pair of mating bears that attacked him on Monday.

Dan Richman was hiking the Sierra Madre foothills of California when he saw a bear close to him standing on its hind legs.

Richman said he “freaked out” after seeing the first bear and was not able to escape because the second bear approached him from behind.

“At that point I was trapped. I yelled at the top of my lungs in an attempt to scare it, and it seemed to work and it started to run up the mountain,” Richman said.

The bear then attacked him.

“He first grabbed my wrist, put his mouth around the back of my neck. I just stayed really, really still,” Richman said. “It was the only chance I had. It’s hard to imagine until one attacks you and you just feel the strength in its jaws and its body.”

By playing dead long enough, the bear “lost interest” and Richman was able to call 911 and go to the hospital to be treated for puncture wounds, deep scratches, and bruises.

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