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Hillary Clinton, the two time losing presidential candidate, took to Twitter for people to help her raise money for illegal aliens.

The embattled Democrat urged her followers to donate, tweeting: “More contributions mean more services, lawyers, and advocates for kids and families in need, so please continue to spread the donation link far and wide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

She tweeted a second time, “Your donations will be split evenly among @AlOtroLado_Org, @ACLU, @asylumadvocacy, @dreambignv, @fams2gether, @florenceproject, @humanrights1st, @supportkind, @LUPE_rgv, @RAICESTEXAS, @TXCivilRights, and @wrcommission.”

Clinton tweeted a third time with an update: “Amazing update: Together, we’ve raised over $500,000 in the past 48 hours for groups working to protect children at the border. The Trump administration’s cruelty has caused a moral and humanitarian crisis for every American. Thank you for responding with compassion and action.”

With his new film on homelessness, UNITED STATE of TENTS available now on DVD, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch responded to Clinton with his own take on the situation.  Lynch tweeted:“Amazing update: Millions of Americans, many of them Democrats, most of them kids, women, vets & families, are living on the streets in tents, cars & encampments that resemble 3rd world. But HRC is raising $ for illegal aliens. This folks is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in a nutshell.”

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  1. I agree. The Democratic Party only cares about illegals and not Americans. It’s a shame they cant use their energy in helping Americans, by taking care of the Immigration problems and loopholes,like the President wanted in the first place. They wait until the crisis gets out of hand before they attempt to do anything. The Democrats are harming this country and all that want to come here.

  2. How come people are so Quick to help illegal immigrants still American jobs but won’t help homeless veterans on the street whf

  3. I do not believe that one dime will go to these Illegals. It will go straight into her own pocket. These dirty Democrats could give a Crap about these kids. It’s all about the 2020. Ship them back to where they came from. Start worrying about AMERICAN CITIZENS FIRST 🇺🇸

  4. Yes streight to her defense legal fund. She & He arnt BSing anyone! She and that foundation should be already shut down!

  5. Hey ole prune face. How about donating some of your millions to help the homeless (kids, famlies etc) who are AMERICAN CITIZENS. You never cease to amaze me at the corruption you are a major part of. Obama started this at the border so bash him NOT President Trump. You are a disgusting evil person.

    I wonder what percentage you will get from the donations……just saying.

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