Hillary Faces Easy Questions From Press Aboard New Campaign Plane

Hillary plane 5

Hillary Clinton has gained a reputation for avoiding the press, and failing to hold press conferences.   Today they’re not so far away – members of the press are now on board Clinton’s new campaign plane.

Before takeoff, Clinton walked to the back of the plane to greet the press.

“Hey guys!  Welcome to our BIG PLANE!” she said.   “It’s so exciting!”

One reporter asked, “What do you think?”  Another asked, “Are you happy to have all of us with you?”

“I am SO happy to have all of you with me,” Clinton said, with just a touch of sarcasm.   “I’ve been just WAITING for this moment.”

She didn’t ask for any of their names, but did say hi to one reporter she recognized, named Mark.  Then she asked if Arun, a campaign staffer, was taking good care of them?   Arun said he had been working for her for 2 ½ years.

Someone asked if she had a good Labor Day weekend, and did she have a Labor Day message?  Clinton said, “If you want more happy Labor Days, you know who to vote for.”

No one asked about her emails, or about Benghazi, or foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation.

The plane was leaving from Westchester County, New York, headed to a campaign event in Cleveland.



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