Hillary “Honored” by Musicians at Lavish Fundraiser

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Hillary and Bill Clinton took to the east end of Long Island, N.Y. by attending a lavish Hamptons fundraiser. Of course, priced at $25,000 a ticket, the event was held at Jimmy Buffet’s house where he, Paul McCartney and Jon Bon Jovi took to the stage to serenade the Democratic contender. They played the Beatles classic “Hey Jude” while both Hillary and Bill danced gleefully, as if there wasn’t a care in the world.

However, this event was only the finale. The McCartney-Bon Jovi-Buffet trio serenading event in Sag Harbor may have completed the grand Hamptons tour, but that wasn’t Hillary’s only destination. The Democratic presidential nominee went mansion hopping in the glitzy location of the Hamptons all day long prior, appearing at parties and dinners where the donations ranged from $1,000 to $100,000 for guests and hosts.

Below is a video from Daily Mail where Hillary and Bill can be seen dancing:


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