Hillary Is Hated By Many New Yorkers

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She’s not connecting with needs of blue collar workers – they see her as part of the problem, not the solution.

The “Southern Tier” region of New York is almost like a separate state of its own, and economically, it’s been in a recession for over 30 years.   In Binghamton, factories sit abandoned, and blue collar workers feel forgotten.

 They look across the border and see Pennsylvania thriving, due to the fracking industry – something Governor Andrew Cuomo has banned statewide in New York.

Hillary Clinton & Governor Andrew Cuomo

Hillary Clinton & Governor Andrew Cuomo

Not only has Clinton failed to connect with New York’s blue collar workers, but they also see her and Cuomo as interchangeable – representing the same policies that have hurt Binghamton and the Southern Tier of New York for years.

One the other hand, Trump has been reaching out to blue collar workers for years.   Long before he ever talked about running for president, he has said often those are the people who like him, who he connects with.   And that is benefiting him now – people are responding in droves to his message of bringing jobs back to America.

“Obviously we know our country isn’t doing well, but our state likewise,” Trump said at a rally near Albany in 2014, organized to protest new gun control measures that had been pushed through by Cuomo at the time. “Our state is doing very, very poorly. We’re creating jobs right now all over the world, and I’d like to be focused on New York, and even in the United States.”

At a recent live broadcast interview with Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz in Binghamton, locals also talked about Trump:

“I know Trump is angry, outspoken, and not politically correct,” said Jocelyn Thornton, a hydraulic fracturing consultant who used to work on economic development for the city of Binghamton. “But he’s hitting on what people are so angry about. And here, that’s jobs. I love that he says he’d call the [General Motors] CEO and tell him to bring their jobs back. That’s what we need.”


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