Hillary Receives Standing Ovation at Broadway Show


On Sunday, failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attended a Broadway performance of The Color Purple where she received a prolonged standing ovation of applause and cheers upon her arrival.

“We love you, Hillary,” many members of the audience yelled, according to media sources.

Clinton was in attendance with husband and former President Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea. The trio was bombarded with praise and admiration, by not only other attendees but by the show’s cast as well.

It’s been reported by The New York Times that the cast acknowledged and thanked the Clintons at the end of the performance.

The reception given to the Clintons was a stark contrast to the reception Vice President-elect Mike Pence received during his trip to a Broadway performance.

Pence and his family attended a performance of Hamilton  following the Nov. 8 election and were subsequently booed by the crowd when they entered and left the play’s hall. Furthermore, the play’s cast publicly called on Pence to govern an administration that promotes “inclusiveness.”

Video footage of Clinton arriving at the theater can be watched below:


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