Hillary’s Bad Day – Gets Called Out Over Pay-for-Play

Newly released emails from Hillary Clinton’s longtime aid, Huma Abedin, reveal that Hillary Clinton was using her position at the State Department to enrich The Clinton Foundation.

The forty-four emails (obtained by Judicial Watch) were on Clinton’s private server.  In response, Republican nominee Donald Trump reminded everyone that that engaging in pay-for-play schemes is illegal.

Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, said on Fox Business that Clinton Foundation donors were essentially given hook-ups and that Hillary Clinton clearly, ‘violated’ an ethics agreement by exchanging favors for donations.

Lou Dobbs commented that at this point, The Clinton Foundation is ‘mired in scandal,’ while Clinton’s self-interest took precedence over national interest.


And while criticism toward the Democratic nominee might be expected from Republicans, it seems like Clinton also took a beating from one of her own today as well. CNN’s Chris Cuomo commented this morning on “New Day,” that, “These 44 emails, you know, many of which show coordination between staffers of one and staffers of the other, it’s wrong.”

But Cuomo didn’t stop there.  When Christine Quinn repeatedly attempted to exonerate Clinton by stating that it was various staffers writing the emails and not Clinton herself, Cuomo argued that Clinton should be accountable and responsible for the actions of her staff.

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