HILLARY’S CLEANER MAN REVEALED. He’s another sneaky Clinton aid. (VIDEO)

Last week, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump debated at Hofstra University in NY. It was the most watched presidential debate in television history.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced showing a “cleaner man” wondering about Hillary Clinton’s podium immediately following the debate. Who is he, what’s his role, why is he there? These are the questions that lit up social media.

In the video, the cleaner man is removing things from Clinton’s podium. Also highlighted in the video is Clinton’s podium itself. It appears Clinton was using a built in teleprompter. Either way, whatever it was lighting up on her podium, one thing is for certain: Trump didn’t use the same device.

Now a new video appears showing the cleaner man before the debate. He has been identified as a Democrat lawyer who has been part of the Clinton team for some time. Take a look:


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