Hillary Suffers Coughing Fit Yet Talking To Press

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Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee who could potentially become the next leader of the free world, has demonstrated yet another sign of impending illness as she suffered another coughing fit on her airplane flight from Ohio to Iowa. It all came out in front of the traveling press and media.

After her Labor Day event in Cleveland, Ohio, she boarded her new campaign plane where she took questions from the press in a designated cabin. However, instead of actually being able to answer their questions, Clinton had to cut the press meet up  relatively short because of an impending coughing fit.

Liz Kreutz from ABC News, who was aboard the flight to the Quad Cities area of Iowa, sent out a tweet in reference to Clinton being upstaged by her own respiratory problems:

Video footage shows Clinton literally scurrying away from the press when the coughing fit became too much. When she finally came back after regaining herself, the plane had already landed. She also had a water bottle in hand.

Perhaps her worst coughing fit she’s ever had in public to date, Clinton still managed to shrug it off and blamed it on being “allergic” to Donald Trump. The video can be watched below:


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