A woman who was labeled a “hoarder” due to the massive amount of belongings she kept in her house was found dead in the home, buried by clutter. According to reports, she had been dead for four-years.

Reports say the woman’s daughter had continued living in the house after her mother’s death, and that she was found trapped under clutter herself after police visited the house on a tip from concerned neighbors.

The Sun reports: Reclusive Gaynor Jones, 87, is believed to have died four years ago, with it taking authorities four days to find her remains after being called to the “heavily cluttered” 19th Century stone cottage.

Daughter Valerie, who is in her 50s, was discovered collapsed at the same home, under mounds of papers and was rushed to hospital in a “poorly condition”.

Police had to bring in skip bins as part of their hunt for her mother Gaynor, only to discover her badly decomposed remains at the Aberaeron, West Wales home days later.

Neighbours described the mother and daughter pair as “odd and “reclusive,” saying they did not visit with the family regularly. The house has been described as “heavily cluttered.”

The report continues: Valerie, who is believed to have been living with her mother since her father passed away several years ago, was found severely dehydrated on March 12 after police acted on a tip-off from neighbours who raised concerns for their welfare.

She was taken to Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth.

Of Gaynor, a police spokesperson said: “Following a search of the property the remains of a body have been found. The death is currently being treated as unexplained.”

Police are expected to investigate the circumstances behind Gaynor’s death.

According to the Sun, Gaynor’s home is one of three stone buildings known as the Dolheulog Cottages, believed to have been built in the late 19th century. However, it was in such a state of clutter and disrepair, a website noting a history of Welsh ruins listed it in 2016 as one of “three cottages, all now empty or ruined.”

Welshruins.co.uk  goes on to note: “Number 1 I believe was lived in until quite recently, the middle one has recently been purchased, the land cleared away and the third and smallest is still filled with personal belongings and is much ruined and damp.”

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