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Take action! Help the Trump administration and the president himself see and hear the real issues of homelessness in America by sending them a copy of UNITED STATES of TENTS

Buy 1 DVD, and get a FREE copy that we will send to the White House on your behalf.
Buy 2 DVDs, and get a 3rd FREE copy we will send to the White House on your behalf.
Buy 5 DVDs, and we will send a sixth FREE copy to the White House, plus a 7th to Rep Nancy Pelosi on your behalf.

The DVDs you buy will be sent to you, the free one we will send on your behalf to the White House so that you do not incur the cost.  If you decide to select the Buy 2 or Buy 5 option, we hope you take the extra copies we send to you and give them to your local representatives. Most lawmakers and politicians do not get to see the homeless issue in the way we show it in the film. With the UNITED STATES of TENTS we give them a front row seat to see and hear the realities that need to be addressed.  We also show solutions that work.

Take action. Help us help the president. Help the us help our fellow Americans. Select from the options below. To buy less than 5, just click the drop down and select 1. All transactions are secure.  All shipments are made USPS ground.  All orders are processed the following business day.

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The president’s comments are below.

A scene from DML’s new film UNITED STATES of TENTS

UNITED STATES of TENTS from DML News on Vimeo.

PLEASE WATCH the video clip below, as DML gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes summary of how he filmed this latest documentary, who helped him, and why it was not picked up by Netflix.  Additionally, the video includes scenes from the first 10 minutes of this powerful, moving documentary.


  1. Question: I have two United States Of Tents DVD’s. I would like to buy more, but have you send all of them to the White House &/or other appropriate people. Is that possible? And, if so, what do I do? Thank you.
    Andrea Knight
    Team DML


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