Horrifying Insight Into America’s Heroin Addiction Epidemic

BBC News reports that the number of Americans who die from drugs now exceeds those who die from guns or car accidents.

With almost 50,000 drug-related deaths per year, American is now in the midst of a severe heroin and prescription drug epidemic, with half a million people now addicted to heroin in the United States alone.

It could be students in your local high school, your neighbor, your doctor, your child… or even yourself.

BBC News will be airing a new documentary, “American Addiction” this weekend on BBC World and the BBC News Channel.


Here is a preview of the documentary BBC News posted on their Facebook page.  This is Brittney’s story:

Below is a more detailed video from the documentary, as BBC’s International Correspondent, Ian Pannell, and cameraman Darren Conway report on the growing and deadly addiction to heroin.


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