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A woman in Sugar Hill, Ga., was found in horrific condition last week, alive but decomposing in her bed. Her sole caretakers, son Christian Sorrell and his father, Terry Sorrell, have been charged with neglect.

According to WXIA, the woman was obese and bedridden. Gwinnett Fire was dispatched to the apartment on March 15 after the woman was reported unconscious. They found her alive in her bed, with her legs decomposing, covered in maggots and cockroaches.

The news site reports: About a month ago, the same crew came to the home to transport the woman from the hospital to her home. Because of her weight, they used a “Mega Mover,” a tarp that is used for moving larger patients.

According to the incident report, they left the tarp at the home. When they arrived to the call on March 15, the tarp, which is normally white, was covered in feces and had turned completely brown and black.

“The patient was still on top of the same mega mover they used a month ago,” the incident report read.

Firefighters said they also saw the woman’s legs were completely black and showing signs of decomposition. She was covered in maggots and cockroaches that were eating her flesh, according to the incident report. Her condition is unknown at this time.

The Gwinnett County Fire Department stated that “they did not believe she would live much longer and felt a moral obligation to report this.”

The incident report indicates that garbage lined the floors of the bathroom, the bed the woman had been in was surrounded by garbage and the entire apartment was crawling with cockroaches. They also said the woman’s husband, Terry Sorrell, had a pile of energy drinks that stood “approximately 2 feet tall.”

Christian Sorrell told police his mother had been bedridden for almost two years, and no one in the house had a job.

According to the report, Christian and Terry have been charged with neglect of a disabled or elderly person.

Christian and Terry Sorrell, Source: Gwinnett Police Department

You may see avideo of the outside of the home below. If you cannot see it, watch it HERE.

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