Hotel Guests Arrested After Live-Streaming Facebook Video

A group of people live-streaming a video of their gun stash while staying as guests at a five-star New York City hotel soon received a visit – from the police.

Someone saw their live-streaming video showing off their guns and called the front desk of the Gramercy Park Hotel where they were staying, shortly after 4:00 pm, reported CBS New York.

Hotel security went to the door of Room 112 and heard people inside say, “Be careful, you don’t want to get shot.”

That’s when was NYPD called, and an anti-terrorism unit arrived and forced the door open to the room.   Four people, two men and two women, were reportedly arrested without incident.

Inside the room, police found drug paraphernalia, and several BB guns, sources say.   As CBS reported, it is not illegal to have a BB gun, but it is illegal to commit a crime with one, or even to use it in a threatening manner.

Other guests arriving at the hotel were confused and frightened, unsure what was going on with the huge police presence surrounding the area.   Two blocks were closed off as police surrounded the building at Lexington Avenue and East 22nd Street.

Brian Newman, whose band plays at the hotel bar every week, decided it was all just a misunderstanding.  “I came around 6 o’clock and I heard somebody say, ‘Don’t go near there,’” Newman said, “then I made a call down here and they said everything was fine. It was just a misunderstanding and you know, some kids fooling around.”

Other guests were glad the police didn’t take the matter lightly, and responded in the way they did.



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