HOW Trump Won Is Even More Incredible Than His Win

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If you thought winning all 5 states in one night was impressive, look what else happened in the primaries Tuesday night.  This was record-setting history-in-the-making.  

The Hill just reported that Republican front-runner Donald Trump WON EVERY COUNTY in the five states’ presidential primaries Tuesday – Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

He even won the Pennsylvania county where John Kasich was born, Allegheny County.  According to The Hill, Trump also won EVERY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware, and he won all but one district in Rhode Island and six in Connecticut, which went to Kasich.

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Politico reported another record-breaking achievement:  Trump has now earned more than 10 million votes – about 250,000 more than Romney earned in the entire 2012 primary season, and about 153,000 more than John McCain earned in 2008.

Trump is easily on track to pass the most recent record-holder, George W. Bush who won 10.8 million votes in 2000.

The anti-Trump groups might want to step back off the tracks, because once a train has momentum, it’s almost impossible to stop.


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