Huffington Post Editor Investigated by FBI

According to the editor himself, the FBI is investigating him for a tweet about destroying Trump ballots.

Nick Baumann, a senior enterprise editor for the Huffington Post stated that he thought the call from the FBI was joke until he realized it wasn’t.

Fox News reported that Nick Baumann, in a recent article he wrote,  stated that on October 31st, 2016 he sent out this tweet.


On December 4th, Nick received a call from the FBI, stating they were investigating this remark. He thought it was a prank and never called back.

NY Post story stated that on Dec. 5, the FBI special tried again.

“The reason I’m calling is — I can’t give you too many details over the phone — we recently received some complaints regarding some online postings that were made. I don’t know if you know what that’s in reference to, but would you be willing to sit down with us for a couple minutes tomorrow morning by chance?” the agent asked, according to Baumann.

“I know this may sound ridiculous, but when we receive complaints we have to follow them up no matter what,” the federal agent added.

The meeting hasn’t taken place.




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