One day after the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school, an 18-year old student in Maryland was arrested for bringing a loaded gun and a knife to school.

Now ABC7 WJLA news has reported Tuesday that police searched the teen’s home and found a huge cache of weapons and ammunition, including hand grenades and landmine detonators. He is being held without bail, and the judge reportedly stated that he poses a danger to the community.

Multiple guns, including an AR-15 style rifle, ammunition, grenades, a ballistic vest, and a list of grievances against fellow students were found at the home of the Maryland teen charged with bringing a loaded gun and knife to Clarksburg High School last week, according to prosecutors and a Montgomery County police officer who spoke in court Tuesday.

Montgomery County Police said that on February 15, 18-year-old Alwin Chen was arrested and charged with possession of a handgun, possession of a firearm by a person under 21 years old and possession of a firearm on school property after the incident.

Chen, who is currently being held without bond, had also allegedly brought a gun to school once before, according to prosecutors, though the kind of weapon and when the alleged incident occurred remains unclear.

Chen’s defense stated that the teen has no evidence of mental health and that he has completely cooperated with authorities. The defense also stated in court that Chen is an honor roll student with scholarship offers from two universities, and that the additional weapons were not found in his room but in another room in his home. Those weapons are believed to have been purchased legally and licensed properly, according to the defense.