Huge Voter Fraud Investigation Going On In Texas


In Tarrant County, Texas, a voter fraud investigation is currently underway that pertains to mail in ballots.

According to the Texas Scorecard, the investigation is the result of a complaint filed by Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas. Harris claims that the current investigation is in response to a “vote-harvesting” scheme that is alleged to involve 20,000 mail-in ballots.

In an online statement Harris said the following:

We have heard rumors for years of manipulation of the elections system in Tarrant County and thought it was time for someone to look into the facts. Direct Action Texas spent countless hours analyzing open records requests, noticing patterns and discovering Fort Worth voters whose voice was stolen. This vote harvesting operation preys on the elderly and the economically disadvantaged, who are among our most vulnerable neighbors.

Our research has shined a light on a covert, yet pervasive network – to the tune of 20,000 ballots, over four years, primarily within the African-American and Hispanic communities. All indications are this is the largest investigation related to voter fraud the Attorney General’s office has ever seen. This research has uncovered major flaws in the election code and its enforcement. We were happy to assist the AG’s office in their investigation, which led to today’s developments. Given the magnitude of this issue, we must reform the election code to restore the integrity of the process.

The Star-Telegram reported that some people believe the current investigation is politically motivated, including Brandon Rottinghuas, a political science professor at the University of Houston.

Rottinghaus said, “The Republicans have been looking for a blockbuster case to demonstrate that voter fraud isn’t just a series of small mistakes. If some of these allegations turn out to be true, they may finally have their white whale.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a different response to the investigation in a tweet he posted.


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