Hundreds of kids go absent as school district is hit by virus (video)

OXNARD, CA —  Norovirus has hit a school district in the outskirts of Los Angeles.   Hundreds of students reported being sick over the past week, causing absences to surge, according to the Ventura County Star.

Norovirus symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and low-grade fever and can emerge as many as three days after contact.  The symptoms often last less than two days.

Norovirus is the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in humans. It affects people of all ages.  The virus is transmitted by fecally contaminated food or water, by person-to-person contact, and via aerosolization of vomited virus and subsequent contamination of surfaces. The annual number of diarrhea-associated events in outpatients is estimated at 7.7 million in industrialized countries, with 0.5 million hospitalizations, and 9.0 million hospitalizations in developing countries, with nearly 2 million deaths.

Ventura County public health officials have come out and cleaned all the schools, which were not shut down during the outbreak.


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