Hyundai’s Emotional Ad Reunites Military Families (VIDEO)

Hyundai’s Super Bowl ad was deemed by many to be the most powerful ad of the night, though it didn’t run until after the game for this reason…

The automaker’s “Operation Better” 90-second ad reunited U.S. troops overseas with their families who were attending the Super Bowl in Houston. and was the first of its kind to feature real moments from the game, which took footage from the live game and edited into the Super Bowl ad while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were still battling it out on the field.

The ad was shot during the game in two separate locations. Soldiers stationed in Poland were brought into a small room — fitted with a 360-degree screen — that virtually transported them to a suite at Houston’s NRG Stadium where they were able to watch the game alongside their families, reports NESN.

The innovative and emotional ad effectively captured the true meaning of sacrifice and also the hearts of all those who watched.

Hyundai received an outpouring of praise and salutes on social media for their heart-warming ad.

Leading up to the big day, Hyundai posted hints that something very special was coming:

H/T: Independent Journal Review, NESN


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