IBM To Create 25,000 Jobs in U.S.


IBM will hire 25,000 people in the United States over the next four years, according to their CEO.

IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty, said not only will they hire 25,000 but they will invest a billion dollars as well.

In an op-ed piece in USA Today, Rometty said many technology jobs don’t require an advanced degree, and she encouraged government investment in vocational education and training. “We are hiring because the nature of work is evolving. That’s also why many of the jobs are hard to fill,” she said. “What matters most is that these employees – with jobs such as cloud computing technicians and services delivery specialists – have relevant skills, often obtained through vocational training.”

Rometty is on Trump’s advisory panel of business leaders and she will join Facebook Inc.’s Sheryl Sandberg, Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, Alphabet Inc.’s Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt at a summit with Trump this Wednesday in New York. that is said all about focusing on jobs.

Donald Trump has made jobs and employment the primary concern of his campaign.

Rometty  re-emphasized the importance of the vocational training schools and programs in her op-ed when she stated, “As industries from manufacturing to agriculture are reshaped by data science and cloud computing, jobs are being created that demand new skills – which in turn requires new approaches to education, training and recruiting.”

Rometty also called for an update in early 2017 to the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. This act offers federal funding for vocational and technical programs. She also mentioned an educational model that IBM helped design. The model is a  six-year public high school which will combine traditional coursework, community college classes, and internships focused on preparing students for technical jobs.

IBM will work with states to open at least 20 more of these schools in the next year, Rometty said.

H/T: Bloomberg Reports


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