ICE Lets Loose Numerous Illegal Immigrants on ROR


In Laredo, Texas on Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement freed forty female illegal immigrants in the downtown district based on “release of recognizance” (ROR). This means they are ordered to appear before an immigration judge sometime in the near future.

Many of the illegal immigrants released originated from war-torn countries in Central America, and claim they were looking for refuge in the U.S. If any of the women do not show up for their ROR, a warrant will be made for their arrest.

“President Obama has rolled out the red carpet for illegal immigrants,” Border Patrol Agent Hector Garza told Breitbart Texas Thursday night. “Most of the illegal immigrant families and unaccompanied children used to cross in the Rio Grande Valley. Now we are seeing massive numbers in the Laredo Sector as well.”

Numerous reports show that more than 92% of illegal aliens never return for their court dates.


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