ICE Slammed For Not Deporting Illegal Before He Murdered CT Woman

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An illegal alien from Haiti would have never stabbed a Connecticut woman to death if he had been deported.  His home country refused to take him back.

Haitian Jean Jacques entered the U.S. illegally in 1992.  Four years later he already had a criminal record started, as he was involved in a shooting that left one person injured and another dead.   He was sentenced to prison in 1997 for 20 years, but was released in 2012, after only at years. 

Three times in 2012 ICE tried returning Jacques to Haiti – records show he was a passenger on three flights to Haiti in June, August and October – but each tie, the Haitian government refused to accept him, claiming there was no proof he was a Haitian citizen.  The Haitian government refused a request by U.S. officials to obtain the man’s birth certificate, according to Fox News.

Due to limitations on how long ICE can detain illegals without deporting them, based on a 2001 Supreme Court decision, Jacques was released into the public after being held for 205 days.

Jean Jacques, an illegal alien from Haiti, murdered Casey Chadwick of CT

Jean Jacques, an illegal alien from Haiti, murdered Casey Chadwick of CT

In 2015, Jacques murdered Casey Chadwick, 25, in her Norwich, Connecticut apartment, and was sentenced earlier in June to 60 years in prison for Chadwick’s murder.

Jessica Vaughn, director at the Center for Immigration Studies, says although ICE could have done more to ensure Jacques was deported, the State Department, Congress and the Obama administration could have all played a role as well.

Vaughn said the U.S. should be using leverage to influence the Haitian government, and impose sanctions if they do not cooperate and take their own citizens back.

A report found that the huge number of cases Deportation Officers have to cover makes personalized follow-up nearly impossible.   In one example, four officers were assigned with handling deportation for 37,000 illegal aliens following their release from prison.


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