ICE Spends MILLIONS Flying Illegal Kids Across America

The Obama administration has assisted the journey of the illegal unaccompanied children flooding into America by flying them across the country to relatives who area already in the U.S.  What that cost the American taxpayers has just been revealed.  

A report provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement indicates at least $18.5 million has been spent on airfare by the U.S. government, to match up the illegal unaccompanied minors with their families – many of whom are also in the U.S. illegally.  

The information was provided in response to questions from Senator Ted Cruz.

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“This admission by ICE demonstrates that the United States is a party to countless conspiracies by illegal aliens to violate our immigration laws, by facilitating their illegal journey into the United States,” a Senate aide said.

“While ICE has spent millions of taxpayer dollars flying these young migrants to … their chosen destination, it has not taken any action against their illegal alien family members who paid to have them smuggled to the United States,” the Senate source said.


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