Identity of German Mall Terrorist Revealed

Terror Germany mall 2

Officials have reported that the gunman who went on a shooting rampage in Munich, Germany Friday was an 18-year-old Iranian man with dual Iranian/German citizenship who had been living in Munich for at least two years.

The gunman first opened fire in a McDonald’s restaurant, then continued his massacre in a nearby crowded shopping mall, killing 9 people in all.   Another 21 were taken to the hospital, with 3 left in critical condition and fighting for their lives.   He then reportedly turned the gun on himself – police found his body about half a mile from the mall.

Among the dead and injured are children and teens, who the gunmen appeared to be targeting.

Police are investigating the possibility that the gunman may have even tried to lure children to the McDonald’s restaurant.

A Facebook page has been discovered with a fake advertisement for free food at the McDonald’s at the same time as he began his shooting spree.

Authorities now believe the gunman acted alone.  There has been no claim of responsibility from any terror group, but the gunman was heard saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he began shooting at the children.


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