Illegal Alien Dies From Falling Off Border Fence

Border Fence 22a

Presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has vowed to stop the flow of illegal immigration, in part by completing the construction of a wall or fence on the US-Mexico border.

Trump has been heard several times saying the wall needs to be so tall no one will even attempt to climb it.   According to the following story, one woman has already proven that attempting to enter the country illegally by climbing the wall can be fatal. 

NOGALES, ARIZ. (AP) –  Police in Nogales, Arizona, say a 32-year-old Mexican woman is dead after apparently falling off a border fence that stands about 20 to 25 feet high.

The Border Patrol discovered the body on June 16 after a man on the Mexico side of the fence alerted them.

Nogales Police Department spokesman Sgt. Roberto Fierros says it appears the fall killed the woman, and there is no foul play suspected.   The woman was from Jiutepec, Mexico, south of Mexico City.

The woman was discovered in a somewhat remote area about three miles east of the Morley Port of Entry. Fierros said Border Patrol cameras along the international border don’t cover the area where the woman was found and that it’s unclear whether or not she was travelling with others.

(Via Fox News Latino)


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