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Written by DML

Over the past 10-years I have covered immigration more than any news personality in the US. So trust me when I tell you there are two things I can rest my hat on as 100% true.

ONE: America is against illegal immigration because it’s harmful. It has NOTHING to do with the nation being anti-Latino.  Fact is, 51% of immigrants who legally came to the US in 2015 are from Mexico and Latin America.  I haven’t heard America complain about this.

TWO: The media… never, ever do they fairly cover the stories in which a known illegal alien brutally murders an American.

EXAMPLE: Did you see the story below on  any of the major networks?

(MIAMI JUNE 18) — A Honduran national in the United States illegally has been charged with killing two women in Miami over the past three months and dumping their bodies on the street, police announced Monday.

Juan Carlos Hernandez-Caseres, 37, was arrested Saturday morning for the murders of Ann Farrin, 41, and Neidy Roche, 39. Both women, police said, were prostitutes.

Farrin’s body was found by paramedics Wednesday morning in the 3000 block of Northwest 25th Avenue, between Northwest 38th Street and Northwest 37th Street. Hernandez-Caseres told police he had picked Farrin up in his car for the purpose of paying her for sex, but sometime during intercourse, he became “enraged” and punched her in the throat and neck.

The media will not cover these stories.  In fact, over the past few days the media has been pushing a recent poll conducted by Pew Research that Americans want more immigration into the USA.    The media doesn’t reveal many of these terrible stories like the one of out Miami because they believe it hurts legal immigration.  The media often blends legal and illegal immigrants into one bucket when reporting on the issue.

I am pro-immigration and believe all people are created equal regardless of color, religion or sex. However, the American people — from both sides of the aisle — have to understand the real dangers of illegal immigration and the impact it has on our country.  It has nothing to do with race, because illegal aliens come from all over the world, not just Mexico and Latin America.

I am about to release THEY COME TO AMERICA IV: The Cost of Politics.  The film is the most powerful of the films I’ve made.  It showcases the real happenings at our southern border, and offers testimonies from immigrants who came to the US legally.   Independents, Democrats and Republicans will all be concerned with what we reveal.

In order to get the film out to as many people as possible, I need your help.  The media outlets will not embrace our films like they should because we focus on the impact illegal immigration has on America, instead of pushing the narrative they want, which is anti-Trump.

Our new film, like all our films, never slams illegal aliens, nor do we promote of condone hate of any kind.  Instead, we showcase the truths the media often ignores, i.e., the lives lost in Miami.

I ask you to buy a copy of our Trilogy (They Come to America I. II, and III).  When you do we will send you a free copy to hand out to someone who needs to see these films.  As a special offer, we will send you a free DML NEWS water bottle with your order.  Proceeds from these sales will go towards promoting They Come to America IV.  I purposely held back the film to be released before the midterms.  It will be available in September and we will be advertising it heavily with your help.   TO GET YOUR FREE COPY and TO GET A FREE WATER BOTTLE, CLICK HERE.

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