Illegal alien kills man over parking space quarrel

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On April 6, a man was killed after a heated argument between he and three other men over a parking space led to an ambushed shooting.

According to an arrest affidavit, 23-year old  illegal alien Jose Morales from Guatemala killed 20-year-old Mariano Gonzalez-Lopez after they and two other men quarreled about parking spaces at a night club in Austin, Texas. Gonzalez-Lopez’s vehicle then followed Morales when he left the OK Corral night club.

As they were driving, Austin police reported that the men began throwing bottles at one another, then stopped along the road and started fighting.

Gonzalez-Lopez and those in his vehicle began hitting Morales’ car with a baseball bat.

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A witness reportedly told police that Morales told the Gonzalez-Lopez group to meet them at the Grove Place Apartments, and when they arrived, he threatened to kill them for hitting his car with the baseball bat.  When they attempted to leave, their vehicle got stuck.  Morales then got out of his vehicle and began firing at Gonzalez-Lopez’s vehicle, ultimately killing him.

Another 20-year-old man in the same vehicle was also shot and was in critical condition.

Morales fled the scene, but he was eventually detained by the One Star Fugitive Task Force on Friday night.

At the moment, ICE authorities are looking into potential federal charges on Morales’ immigration status. He is currently being held on a million dollar bond at the Travis County Jail.






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