Illegal Alien Renters Sue Landlord for Discrimination

Four Latino families are suing their landlord after he threatened eviction from a Fairfax County, Virginia mobile home park. 

In what could set a national policy, the Fair Housing Act is being touted as justification for a lawsuit by four Latino families against their landlord, who requested documentation and social security numbers as proof of legal status, and is evicting those who don’t provide it.  

“Everyone has to have an ID, a Social Security card and provide pay stubs so they can qualify to live here,” said Josephine Giambanco, who manages the Waples site. “We ask that for everybody. Everyone who is over the age of 18 years old.”

Attorneys representing the families say the requirement for all tenants to have a Social Security card, visa and related documents or a passport is discriminatory because it “disproportionately affects Latinos.“

All the families involved in the suit have lived in the mobile home park between two to six years, and all have children who are U.S. citizens.

The landlords say they are requesting the documentation of all renters, in order to conduct proper background checks.



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