Illegal immigrant teens rape young girl

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Teenagers Jose Montano, 17, and Henry Sanchez, 18, are illegal aliens from Central America accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at their high school in Maryland.

The young victim reportedly went to Rockville High School officials to report the traumatizing event, saying the pair of teens had forced her into a bathroom stall and proceeded to rape her.

Sanchez, an illegal alien from Guatemala, is currently facing deportation proceedings due to a pending “alien removal” case against him. Montano originated from El Salvador, but his immigration status is unclear since he is a minor, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Both Sanchez and Montano approached the young girl and requested that she have sex with them. When she refused, they held her against her will in a boy’s restroom and raped her. The two illegals were arrested on Friday by Montgomery County Police, and are facing charges of first-degree rape and two counts of first-degree sexual offense.

Gboyinde Onijala, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Public Schools and school officials released the following letter in response to the incident:

“Ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all of our students is our top priority. Our staff remains vigilant in the monitoring of our school each and every day.”

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