Illegal alien accused of child rape caught fleeing country

The long arm of the law reached all the way from Maryland to Atlanta to literally nab an illegal alien suspected of raping an underage female off of an airplane headed for his native Guatemala.

Sergio Morales Soto was taken into custody after flying from Maryland to Georgia for a connecting flight that was delayed due to weather conditions.

That delay afforded authorities enough time to track Soto down and arrest him before he was able to flee the country.

The alleged sexual assault took place on April 4 and investigators had been able to identify, but not locate, Soto.

They obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect and his name came up on a computer search as being on the airplane in Atlanta the following day, where federal authorities were able to apprehend him.

“We were able to locate which aircraft he was on, … actually to the point of which seat he was on. Then, we went on board the aircraft and apprehended him,” reported Deputy Special Agent in Charge Gregory Wiest of Homeland Security Atlanta.

Soto was later handed over to agents from the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, who boarded an airplane with him headed back to Maryland, where he will face six felony counts of sexual assault.

H/T: Daily Mail


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