Illegal Immigrants are Begging Obama for a Pardon Before Trump Takeover

In a last ditch effort to undermine President-Elect Donald Trump, around 750,000 illegal immigrants are begging President Obama to pardon them before Trump takes over the White House in 2017. Trump is expected to make mass deportations during his first hundred days in office, somewhere ranging from two to three million.

Community leaders for the “dreamers” have staged a rally in New York on Wednesday to beg the request. “Millions of law abiding undocumented immigrants are fearful of what will happen when the new Administration takes control in January,” the group said in a statement announcing the rally. “However, President Obama has the power of pardons that he can use to protect all DACA enrollees.”

Around illegal immigrants had been approved for Mr. Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program earlier this fall. The DACA program is basically a mini-amnesty that allows young adult illegal immigrants a two-year stay of deportation, while also issuing them work permits. Other benefits include driver’s licenses and some taxpayer bonuses.

Since his election, Trump has made it clear he will be immediately canceling Obama’s program, despite Obama claiming Trump will take to the process gradually. Hence, the coalition of illegal immigrants will now make as many last ditch efforts as possible to ensure their stay before Trump takes action.


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