Illegal Alien from MEXICO Paying $11.50 To Attend TOP UNIVERSITY


While college students are taking out loans, working through college or even having their parents help them out financially, there are illegal aliens receiving financial aid that covers their costs to attend American universities.

An illegal alien from Mexico is attending Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and is only paying $11.50 this semester. The rest of his illegal-college-studentmore than $30,000 tuition bill is being covered by financial aid.

The student is named Mizraim Belman Guerrero, and he entered America illegally from Mexico with his family at age four. He is currently attending Georgetown University despite his illegal status.

“He qualifies for financial aid like any other student at Georgetown, and this semester he’s paying just $11.50 of the close to $33,000 tuition bill,” reports “Financial aid isn’t the only resource Georgetown offers illegal aliens. Earlier this year, it launched an illegal alien students resource page for prospective students looking to get into the university.”

American universities such as Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard also don’t prevent a student from being accepted based on immigration status.

Georgetown released a statement explaining why it spends money on illegal aliens.

“In keeping with our Catholic-Jesuit tradition, Georgetown has a long history of admitting students regardless of immigration status,” Georgetown responded in an email, according to Hurtado. “Georgetown University is committed to ensuring that our students have the resources they need to attend by meeting a students’ full financial need.”

If liberal politicians want to talk about making college more affordable in the United States, they may want to look into the loopholes that allow illegal aliens to have their costs covered, while tax-paying, legal, American citizens are left out in the cold.


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