Illegals Vowing To Resist Trump’s Immigration Policies


Donald Trump promised the American people that if elected he would restore law and order to this country, as well as protect our national security by tightening the southern border.

In response to Trump winning the presidency, Illegal immigrants are now vowing to defy Trump’s proposed immigration policy, and are calling on Barack Obama to halt deportations, the Washington Times reported.

“Immigrants are declaring a state of urgency and resilience. Over the coming weeks, our families and community members will need to tap into the incredible strength that brought us to this country and which we use to survive,” said Cristina Jimenez, co-founder of United We Dream.

She also went on to say that Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are “racist.”

“All people with love in our hearts are angered and disappointed tonight and pledge to resist mass deportation. ICE and CBP have proven themselves to be agents of racism and agents of hate.”

On United We Dream’s website they offer a downloadable “Deportation Defense Card”  so illegal immigrants to “know their rights” and “protect themselves against immigration raids.” The card encourages illegals to resist and fight back.


United We Dream’s “Deportation Defense Card”


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