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After Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf informed the public that federal immigration authorities were planning a raid in the city last month, some illegal immigrants avoided capture. A Tuesday report says that at least three have now been re-arrested for different crimes, including robbery and spousal abuse, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

After Schaff’s Twitter tip-off, ICE officials conducted a raid and caught 232 illegal immigrants, many of them criminals, in a four-day sweep. They said that hundreds more escaped because of Schaaf’s warning, however.

On Tuesday, Fox News reports, officials said at least three of those who were targeted but not apprehended in the raid have since been arrested for other crimes.

From Fox: One was a Mexican national arrested for robbery and gun crimes, who was released back into the community for a prior offense despite an ICE detainer request in November.

Another Mexican national was arrested for a DUI, despite having been deported three times and prior convictions for false imprisonment, DUI, and battery of a spouse.

The third was a Mexican national who was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, despite being deported twice and criminal convictions including drug possession, hit-and-run, DUIs, possessions of narcotics equipment and a parole violation.

Acting ICE Director Tom Homan mentioned the three cases at a roundtable on sanctuary cities at the White House on Tuesday. He also expressed frustration at the mixed messages coming from politicians in sanctuary states.

“We are told on one hand to focus efforts on criminals but those same folks who want to focus on criminals don’t let us into the county jails,” he said. “It just defies logic.”

Schaaf’s Twitter out a warning infuriated ICE officials and the Trump administration.

“How dare you!” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said while California this month, referring to Schaaf. “How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical, open borders agenda.”

Homan also leveled criticism at Schaff, saying that “because of that warning… that community is a lot less safe than it would have been.”

Schaaf has stood by her actions. She says the community is safer because of sanctuary city policies

“I do not regret sharing this information,” she said last month.

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