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Aaron Goldstein, a Black Lives Matter supporter, defendant of sanctuary cities, and one of eight Democratic candidates running for Illinois attorney general, was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday afternoon while taking promotional photos for his campaign, according to his campaign manager and authorities.

Goldstein, 42, and several members of his campaign team were taking publicity shots in the middle of the afternoon when three men in their early 20’s approached them, according to the Chicago Tribune. One of the men flashed a handgun and demanded the team hand over its camera equipment and other personal belongings, according to police. The men fled and are still at large.

Police described the three suspects as between the ages of 20 and 24 years old, but they did not release further details, making it difficult for anyone to identify the criminals.

Campaign manager Robert Murphy, who was not with the team during the incident, said Goldstein, Democratic ward committeeman for the 33rd Ward and a resident of Albany Park, was taking promotional images for the campaign with an “in-the-neighborhood kind of” message.

Murphy said that no one was hurt in the robbery and that police later assured them the robbery was just “random violence”.

“So, as far as the campaign, we are moving forward,” Murphy said. “Basically, this was a totally random act of violence in the community. But when it happens to you, of course, you’re shooken [sic] up.”

“He says he’s fine, and he was concerned about everyone else instead of how he is—but that’s just how he is,” Murphy added.

Goldstein is one in a field of eight candidates who are running in the Democratic primary for attorney general after Lisa Madigan announced she wouldn’t run for reelection. Goldstein is a supervising attorney at the Cook County Public Defender’s Office.

Based on statements on his political Twitter site, Goldstein is a supporter of Black Lives Matter, Sanctuary cities, and the legalization of marijuana. Repeatedly he tweets about resisting Trump, and the “racist drug war.”

In one post, he writes, “The #ILAG race is about resisting Trump. But it’s also about fighting corruption in our own state.”

In another Twitter post, Goldstein states, “As @ILAttyGeneral, I will fight against big banks, stop the racist drug war, fight corruption, stop @realDonaldTrump, and enact REAL criminal justice reform. #resist #BlackLivesMatter #Progressives #CDILAGForum.”

According to a report in Breitbart, this incident is yet another example of Chicago’s “unsuccessful experiment in gun control.” According to the report:

The city had a complete ban on handgun ownership from 1982 to 2010. This means criminals had handguns for the purposes of robberies, murders, and assaults, while law-abiding citizens were defenseless. Homicide numbers betrayed this grime reality, with annual totals of 921 homicides in 1991, 940 in 1992, 930 homicides in 1994, etc.

The handgun ban is gone but the vestiges of gun control are alive and well. Rules and regulations on gun stores and gun store locations kept an artificial limit on the number of outlets where law-abiding city residents could acquire guns for self-defense. And there is a “violence tax” on all guns and ammunition, which means the guns and ammo sold at those five stores have an extra tax added them, thereby driving up the price of both.



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