Image of Newsweek Cover Saying Hillary Won the Presidency Spurs Outrage


Earlier today, a leaked image began circulating around Twitter of Newsweek putting out a cover claiming Hillary Clinton won the presidential election, way before votes were even counted on tomorrow’s Election Day. Outraged Trump supporters have been circulating and sharing the images of the magazine on social media, prompting more belief that the election may be rigged.

Newsweek’s “special commemorative edition” cover of Clinton contains the titled words “Madam President – Hillary Clinton’s Historic Journey to the White House.” Within the special edition write-up section, a biased blurb reads how Hillary defeated “fear and hate-based conservative peddled by Donald Trump” to triumph and ensure that “the highest glass ceiling in the western world had finally shattered.”

screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-6-45-55-pmNow, while this has been circulating like crazy on social media websites, Newsweek came out hours later claiming they also made an alternate Donald Trump cover. Did Newsweek create the alternate to simmer down the outrage? Possibly. Trump supporters on social media are demanding the outlet provide proof that both covers were made prior to the leak.

“For the past six months Newsweek Special Editions has been piecing together a Road to the White House Tribute Issue for both major party candidates,” said Tony Romando of Topix Media, the company responsible for designing the special issue article.

However, it’s been revealed by that the Clinton cover editions have already been printed out in mass numbers due to the fact that Clinton is “leading in the polls” and “almost universally favored to win the election.” Trump covers have been put on standby.

According to Snopes, Romando says, “If Trump wins, the Clinton copies will be trashed and the Trump version will be rushed to the printing presses — a simple business calculation.” Below are photos of the special issue covers:



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