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Written by DML
The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a powerful group out of Washington DC.  On Friday, FAIR put out a major appeal with phone numbers to call for stopping amnesty from going through.

Please understand, future elections will be handed to the Democrats if DACA is passed, and any “wall” that is built will come crumbling down.  Unlike the Republicans, Democrats know how to get things done because they stick together.  If they have win in 2020 both the White House, and both chambers of Congress, they will put in laws that attack the 2nd Amendment, they will increase chain migration and visas to foreigners, they will keep Obamacare in place and tax you to help pay for climate change.  And for what?  Why?  So a few million parents who brought their kids here illegally get what they always wanted… A REWARD FOR BREAKING THE LAW (Citizenship).  What’s in it for you?

Here is the message from FAIR.  Please read and share.

FAIR needs YOU once again.

You helped us last month after the brazen effort by Democrats and anti-borders groups to hold the government hostage to enact an unconditional DACA amnesty. We held them off in December. Now we must defeat their efforts in January.

Let’s do this. Together. 

Here’s what we need to do: 

Call your three Members of Congress and tell them that a DACA amnesty in exchange for token and ineffective immigration enforcement provisions is unacceptable. 

Tell them to only support reforms that secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and address our highly dysfunctional legal immigration system by ending chain migration and the visa lottery. Failure to do so? It will come at a high political cost – tell them that!


Some in Congress say their top priority for January is DACA amnesty. Really? Was that what President Trump promised?

Democrats are again threatening a government shutdown while insisting on attaching an unconditional DREAM Act amnesty to the spending bill that must be passed by Jan. 19. At the same time, key Republicans are letting us down by pushing for a standalone package that pairs a DACA amnesty with meaningless enforcement provisions.

We need to put their heads on straight. What about securing our borders, protecting American jobs, ending chain migration, and stopping dangerous sanctuary cities? These are the priorities of the American people, not amnesty.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Unless YOU speak up, the same thing could happen that has happened before: illegal aliens get amnesty, while we get empty promises of weak enforcement.

Don’t let this happen!  Here’s the contact information:

Contact your Representative: 202-883-4964

Contact your two Senators: 202-873-9877

Also call House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and urge them not to bring ANY immigration bill to the floor that doesn’t secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and address our highly dysfunctional legal immigration system by ending chain migration and the visa lottery. Remind them that a DACA amnesty for illegal aliens delivers nothing of significance to the people who voted for change in 2016.

Contact Speaker Ryan: 202-858-3626

Contact Majority Leader McConnell: 202-759-7684

After you make these calls, use the handy form here to contact these lawmakers through email and social media.

FAIR’s Government Relations Team


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