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There seems to be some confusion for some of our readers / viewers about the new changes to the DennisMichaelLynch.com website and how stories / news is published.  Therefore, I am taking the time to explain this with the hope that it makes everything ultra simple.

I operate two websites.   One of them is DennisMichaelLynch.com (DML), which has recently undergone a redesign.  It operates much smoother for us, but I will admit to the average user it does look somewhat different.

That said, one of the biggest complaints we’ve gotten over the years is: “I can’t find _________ ” (fill in the blank).  So, if you look close enough you will see this new design makes it much easier to find what you are looking for, e.g. LIVE videos, emails, etc.

The second site I operate is DMLNews.com (DMLNews), which specializes in aggregating news from around the world.  Whether you recognize it or not, the DMLNews site is the one that powers most of everything we do.

Q: What’s the difference between the DML and DMLNews websites?

A: The DML website offers information and access to my films, projects, Team DML, books, LIVE videos, events / tours, op-eds, and reports (meaning, reports from 3rd parties which I find interesting and think people will want to know about).   All of these things offer my opinions and insights.  Yes, I blend in the news when offering these things, but in order to deliver the news without any slant, last year we created DMLNews.

The DMLNews website is nonstop in terms of posting news.

Every day, we post the news that is trending and breaking around the world and in the U.S.  We do this by posting the main headlines, a quick blurb from the source (and video if applicable), and then link to the source of the news, e.g. Fox News, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, etc.  We have been doing this for a year, and it works really well.

Q: How do they operate together, and separately?

A: Here is where I think people are getting confused.  The DML website, and the DML Facebook page, were launched roughly three years ago.  The DMLNews website was launched one year ago.  Many of our readers have been with us longer than one year, so they refer to the DML website instead of DMLNews.  And that’s where the change comes in.

When DMLNews launched, we made it the main site, but we still used DML as a backup website because we knew people had the site bookmarked, and feared they would get confused with the switch. Therefore, we kept both in operation and syndicated articles from DMLNews to DML.  That said, both offered much of the same content.  As of one week ago, this has changed somewhat, but not completely.

If you use the DML APP, or if you visit my Facebook page, there is no visible change.  We publish most everything from both our DMLNews posts and DML posts to Facebook. As for the DML APP, it’s the same thing — nothing has changed. The TRENDING NEWS section on the app lists all the posts from DML and DMLNews.

If you don’t use the DML APP, and if you don’t use our Facebook page, but instead go directly to one of our websites via typing in the URL, you will now see a difference depending  on which site you go to.

Everything on DMLNews syndicates to the DML website. The posts can be found on the DML home page, along with the other items I post to DML.  Meaning, on the DML home page is a listing of all my reports, Op-Eds, Live videos, emails and the news from DMLNews (each of these items is additionally listed according to their place on the red navigation bar).  So, for example, if you are looking for my Walk & Talk from Friday, you can either scroll through the DML home page, or find it quicker by clicking the LIVE link on the red navigation bar.

If you are using a smart phone to access the DML website, the same rules apply with the only difference being there is no red navigation bar.  The navigation is accessed by clicking the three lines located on the top left (see screenshot photo below).

Now moving on to DMLNews.com:

The DML reports, videos, emails and op-eds I write ARE NOT listed on DMLNews. The same is true for information about my films, tours, etc.  This is because I believe the two need to be separate if DMLNews is to become the best and most trusted news aggregator in the U.S.

Although my opinions are always correct (LOL), they need to be separated from the actual news.  That said, if we do place something of mine on DMLNews.com, it is CLEARLY marked as “DML Op-Ed”, or “DML REPORT.”

As noted, if you’re using the DML APP or Facebook page, nothing has changed at all.  Our main reason for making the websites separate, is for the sake of flowing with the wild stream of news and the nonstop concerns about biased and fake news that hovers over the industry.  Although we never post fake news, nor have we been accused of doing so by any credible agency, we are taking every measure possible to separate ourselves from the fray.

I realize that the NY Times, Fox News, CNN, etc, offer op-eds on their main websites, but there is an unfair level of scrutiny that comes with being a smaller hub.  We don’t want to give Facebook, YouTube or Twitter any possible reason to deem DMLNews biased or fake.

I hope this long explanation helps those people who are struggling with the changes.  If it does not, although I am uncertain as to what else I can offer, please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected] with questions. We will do our best to help.

(1) Screenshot of DMLNews from desktop view.  Nothing has changed on the home page, but the DML content (emails, LIVE videos, op-eds, reports) will not appear on this site.

(2) Screen shot of DML News from mobile view.  NOTE: The three lines to the top right indicate the navigation bar. Click it for drop down options.

(3) DennisMichaelLynch.com from the mobile device point of view.  Click the 3 lines on the top left for drop down options, or scroll down to see a collection of all DML op-eds, videos, emails, reports, and news that syndicates from DMLNews.

(4) DennisMichaelLynch.com from the desktop point of view.  If you want the “news” that syndicates from DMLNews, it is mixed in with my personal posts on the home page.  It also has it’s own place on the NEWS tab which is listed on the red navigation bar.

(5)  THE DML APP.  Everything from DMLNews.com and DennisMichaelLynch.com are listed in the order they are published on the Trending News tab.  For example, if at 1pm EST a news item is posted on DMLNews, and then at 1:10 an Op-Ed from me is posted on DML, and then at 1:20pm another news item is posted on DMLNews, all three will appear on the Trending News tab in the order they were posted. Example: DMLNews 1pm, DML 1:10, DMLNews 1:20.


  1. Thank you for explaining I thought I might be missing something. After your explanation I realize that my original DML APP on my phone never changed and I haven’t been missing anything. Along with me making sure I followed you on FB after following your last directions, after FB changed a few months ago. 😁 I am ALL SET.

  2. I use all of them, including Twitter. Fighting for Trump is the least I go to, but catch those posts on Facebook and I try to like or comment sometimes.
    I like the separation…makes sense as to what you want accomplished.

  3. Why when I leave a comment I click save my info but it never saves. I have to type my info over and over again just to post a comment. I use to never have any problems now it’s just too time consuming to comment.

  4. Sooo in other words……DOWNLOAD THE APP. Everything is all in one place. Case closed. Thank You Dennis for all your hard work.

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