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  1. Wow, since I have been on Facebook I have had 16 30 day bans so I guess a sense of humor Facebook doesn’t have. To ban YOU for immigration information is ludicrous. They must have an illegal alien on night shift looking for people like you. lol

  2. DML – thank you for the truth every day. Where we live, cell phones don’t even work so apps don’t work either…but I am subscribed so I can stay up with you. I am just an old piece of work and I have resisted Social Media. I have a Facebook account but have only been on it about 4-5 times in the last 3 years since I opened it. There is something about “friends” that you don’t know, and too many people knowing your business that just is a little repulsive to me….but I hope they don’t cut you off since it is a great way for you to reach others. God Bless You and God Bless America.

  3. Husband and I knew all this BS was going to start. I can not wait to get the new DVD..ordered Two and will share for sure. God Bless you and your family and co-workers. Please stay safe and froms harms way!

  4. I have never been to nor will I ever go to Fakebook or any other Social Media website.
    They are nothing but verbal cesspools with a Biased Liberal Slant and America would be better off without them.
    I go to the DML website every day and read most of the articles and enjoy DML very much.

    MAGA KAG 2020

  5. Zuckerberg is a creepy little shit. Often wonder if he is related to Soros or owes him for something.

  6. As of today I am banned from Facebook … I put a post on Facebook yesterday saying I was Conservative and today I am banned … there are a few other social pages out there that I am checking into … I am reading lots of complains about Facebook and all who are banned are Conservatives, Republicans ..

    • Hi Joan! I’ve shared many conservative posts, stating my opinion on most of them, over the years, but I’ve never been warned or banned. I’m curious as to what you actually wrote? How long did they ban you?

      Rochelle 🙂

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